The 2 Main Things to look for when hiring your photo booth in Adelaide

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  1. Photo quality

Most photo booths can usually be separated into 2 camps. One with studio lighting and the other without. The difference is just lighting but the photo quality is chalk and cheese. Studio lighting takes longer to setup, usually has to be setup by a photography, and requires extensive high quality equipment but the extra time to setup pays off in the amazing high quality photography. While most photo booths are fitted with a DSLR camera, they often cant even get close to the cameras potential because the poor venue lighting holds the camera back. Without getting too technical – By providing a burst of light quicker than your eye can blink, it allows the camera sensor to not have to work as hard with fake light. The result is spectacular & for your special occasion it makes all the difference.

  1. Print quality

The’sno point on the night getting high quality photos if your printing is low quality. 50% of the fun comes from laughing at the funny shots and poses that guests make in the photo, and if you cant see it clearly…well it defeats the purpose. At Elegant Hire all our printing is done instantly on high quality Dye Sublimation printers. An experienced technician